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ARV Solutions

ARV Solutions are specialists in recruiting for the offsite construction sector. We are also proven in recruiting for specialist areas of the construction industry, particularly supply chain and specialist contractors, or specialist divisions within main contractors and client organisations.
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Babcock Support Services Ltd

Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support services organisation. Operating in the UK and overseas, we are trusted to deliver complex and critical support to the defence, energy, emergency services, transport and education sectors.
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Bond Dickinson LLP

Advisors & Consultants
Tel: 01752 677727   |   E-mail   |   View profile


National Constructing Excellence member
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Cogent Consulting

Cogent Consulting specialise in the design and implementation of business and manufacturing management systems, manufacturing facility layout and implementation, technology development, product design and certification. We focus on building technologies and work exclusively in this sector – with a niche specialisation focusing on offsite manufacturing and offsite construction technology and strategy development.
Advisors & Consultants
Tel: 01743 290001   |   E-mail   |   View profile

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